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Browse Authors whose surnames begin with 'Q-R'

Quimby, Phineas Parkhurst
Quinton, Robert

Rabelais, Francois
Radcliffe, Ann
Radcliffe, John Netten
Radin, Paul
Radziwill, Catherine
Ragg, Laura
Ragg, Lonsdale
Ragozin, Zenaide A
Rainy, Robert
Rajkhowa, Benudhar
Raleigh, A. S
Ralston, W. R. S
Randall, Edward C
Rank, Otto
Rapaport, Samuel
Rappoport, A. S
Rasmussen, Knud
Raspe, Rudolph Erich
Raue, Charles Godlove
Raupert, J. Godfrey
Raverty, Henry George
Rawlinson, George
Reade, W. Winwood
Rebold, Emmanuel
Redgrove, H. Stanley
Reed, Elizabeth Armstrong
Reed, John
Reed, William
Reeves, Arthur Middleton
Reichard, Gladys A
Reid, Thomas Mayne
Reisner, George Andrew
Reps, Paul
Reynolds, George
Rhumelius, John Pharamund
Rhyn, Otto
Rhys, John
Richardson, Samuel
Richmond, Cora L. V
Riggs, Stephen Return
Rimmer, Alfred
Rink, Henry
Roback, Charles W
Robb, Alfred A
Robertson, John M
Robertson, William
Robison, John
Robinson, Alfred
Robson, James
Roby, John
Rodkinson, Michael L
Roeder, Gunther
Rogers, Robert Athlyi
Rogers, Robert William
Rohmer, Sax
Rolleston, T. W
Ronayne, Edmond
Rong, Neng
Roosevelt, Kermit
Rostand, Edmond
Roth, Walter E
Rothery, Guy Cadogan
Rouse, W. H. D
Rousseau, Jean-Jacques
Rowbotham, Samuel Birley
Rudwin, Maximilian J
Ruppelt, Edward
Ruskin, John
Russell, George William
Rust'haveli, Shot'ha
Ruttenber, E. M
Ryan, Charles J
Ryan, Marah Ellis
Ryder, Arthur W

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