Book: Spagyric Medicine

Author: John Pharamund Rhumelius

Spagyric Medicine By John Pharamund Rhumelius

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Johannes Pharamond Rhumelius (1597–1661) was a German alchemist and physician, and a contemporary of Jan Baptist van Helmont. He was born in Neumark and died in Nuremberg. Spagyric medicine is a natural method of health care based on medicinal plants.


The true medicine of our forefathers consists solely in the Quintessence, and it was Hermes-Trismegistos, who lived at the time of Moses, who was the first to discover and transmit it in his writings. The art of medicine lasted until the time that misochemistry appeared with its unfounded theories, the great difficulties it had to overcome, its intermixture with witchcraft and magic, its disparagement due to unfair criticism, and finally its disappearance in empty twaddle. Perhaps Satan, the enemy of mankind, had used all his cleverness and malice to deprive us of this aid. Perhaps he wished to prevent the grandeur of the Eternal God from becoming manifest and to deprive Him of man's thanksgivings, while at the same time depriving the latter of this natural and powerful medicine.

The true medicine has its origin in the center of the earth. It comes solely from God who has revealed it to us very clearly in the Trinity. Omnipotent God, Who is One God only, nevertheless consists of three Persons; therefore, having fashioned his creature in His likeness, He has signed it by His signature, which is triple, so that His law might show through His creation.

Yet this Trinity appears to us under the aspect of Unity. By Hermes Trismegistos it is termed "true, without a lie." Other philosophers call it "The Three Principles of all things." These Three Principles are found in the three kingdoms; vegetable, animal, and mineral. The Hermetic physicians have called them Mercury, Sulphur, and Salt, because they are also found in the resolution of each of these particular bodies.

Although each species has its different Principles, we find in the plant kingdom salt, oil, and water; in the mineral kingdom, earth, sulphur, and mercury; in the animal kingdom, body, soul, and spirit.

It is on this philosophy that Hermetic medicine is based, because every spirit aspires to unite with the one which is most akin to itself: "like is healed by its like."

In this the Hermetists and Galenists differ. The Hermetists give preponderance to the Three Principles, because they are the elements which are closest to all things; and here Hermes seems to us to be closer to truth than Galen, who, in sickness, is only concerned with the impurity of the elements.

But as the true essence of bodies lies in the intermixture of the Three Principles, Nature, if helped by them, herself rejects the impurities from the bodies and restores health to them. When it is the Salt that is affected in the microcosm, the # acts; if it is Sulphur or Mercury that is sick, # or # heals them.

This is what I wished to explain briefly, so that the blind might open their eyes and see what are the Hermetic philosophy and medicine, and that they take their stand on the foundation of Universal Nature; also, so that they might discern in what they differ from ordinary medicine. By knowing both, a true physician will be able to cure by the Hermetic medicine the disorders that appear incurable to the Galenists. Then the shameless lies of the latter, who claim that the "chemists" poison people, will be shown up. Finally, when you have read and understood this booklet, you will know that it is the ordinary medicine that is a lie and a poison, and you will agree with me that those whom I call "chemists" are not those vulgar spoilers of waters and mixtures who even quote Paracelsus as their authority, while ignoring the first word of Hermetic medicine! It is not enough to carry a long knife to be a good cook; consequently, I will here only speak for those who wish to study the Principles that rest on a solid foundation and who wish to attain to the mastery in the Work in the experimental way.

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