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I love doing this site. It really is my passion. I get to deal with books every day, which is awesome. It's actually been running for almost 7 years now. It started off as a hobby and my original aim was to set up the site as a place where people could find and download quality ebooks. I found that a lot of ebook sites either focused on purely fiction, or more niche areas such as the Occult. I wanted Global Grey to be a place where people could find Sherlock Holmes books, and at the same time, pick up a copy of the Book of Black Magic, if they so wished.....more


“Those who can make you believe absurdities, can make you commit atrocities.” – Voltaire


Most people who read Kindle books are only used to doing so after downloading or buying from Amazon, and there seems to be some confusion as to how to get the .mobi file onto the actual Kindle in order to read it. You do not need your Amazon account to download the Kindle books on this site.
1. Download the Kindle format file from Global Grey onto your PC or laptop.
2. Plug your Kindle into the PC using your USB charger (your Kindle doesn't need to be switched on).
3. Find your Kindle folder on your PC.
4. Inside this folder is another folder called "Documents".
5. Copy/paste/move the Kindle book you just downloaded, into this folder.
6. Unplug your Kindle, switch it on, and the book should be there.