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About Me

Hello people! My name is Julie and I run Global Grey. Just me, all on my own.

I live in London with 1 of my children, (two others have left home, and I've got one at university) and 3 cats. We also used to have a Golden Retriever but she passed away a few years ago - I miss her :(

I like reading (no real surprise there), scary films, musicals, spending time with my kids, and crocheting. I have a tendency to be a bit absent minded; I'm a bit of a hermit; I'm awesome at procrastinating; I have a childlike fascination for all things new; and my dream is to live near the sea.

I'm originally from the North of England (shout out to Scunthorpe, or, as I used to explain it to Southerners when I first moved here, 'it's near Hull'), but left home at the age of 15 to seek my fortune in London. I didn't really find it (yet), but I did get married 3 years later, and throughout the next 10 years, had 4 amazing children.

I got divorced in 2000, and between then and now, I have run a couple of websites, changed my beliefs about a dozen times, got into conspiracies, got out of conspiracies, started a Psychology degree course, stopped Psychology degree course after a year, was a vegan for a couple of months, worked as shop assistants, was a manager at a brand new store that promptly closed after 6 months, tried my hand at sales, realised I'm appalling at sales, started running Global Grey full time, started doing Yoga, raved about Yoga, stopped doing Yoga, became a vegan again (for good this time), started doing Yoga again (for good this time :/), and many other things too dull to list here.

About The Site

I love doing this site. It really is my passion. I get to deal with books every day, which is awesome. It's actually been running for almost 7 years now. It started off as a hobby and my aim was to set up the site as a place where people could find and download quality ebooks. The original idea definitely came from a love of books in general. I found that a lot of ebook sites though either focused on purely fiction, or more niche areas such as the Occult. I wanted Global Grey to be a place where people could find Sherlock Holmes books, and at the same time, pick up a copy of the Book of Black Magic, if they so wished.

I also felt that, at the time, ebooks were not afforded the same standards as print books, and were often in terrible formats, with no cover page, no table of contents, and rather haphazard spacing of paragraphs and chapters. So that became another main aim of this site; to produce and publish ebooks that were of a good quality; that were readable, nicely laid out and well presented, and that had footnotes and illustrations correctly placed, when applicable. The majority of ebooks on the site are self-published by myself, the others are scanned copies of PDFs which I ‘tidy up’.

There are long term plans for the site and new books are added almost every day, although sometimes I do get distracted with working on other things.

None of the books on the site are DRM protected.

The website itself, I code by hand. I used to run it on Wordpress, but got fed up with various things such as the security of Wordpress sites, speed, updates, lack of control, etc, etc. So now it's a static HTML/CSS website that takes me a little more effort to maintain, but which I feel is so much better for me and my visitors.

I also, recently, took it upon myself to create a new design for the site.


One - I'm insane and think that redesigning the site every few months is 'fun'.

Two - since switching back from Wordpress at the beginning of this year, my traffic has been slowly dropping, and I've just figured out it's because of the loading speed. The code was very bloated and so I decided to start from scratch and write my own very simple, and hopefully much faster, design.

So anyway - that's me. That's my life - extremely condensed.

If you decide for whatever reason you wish to contact me (and why wouldn't you?...I'm super friendly), then you can do so at julie@globalgreyebooks.com.

If you don't want to contact me (and why would you?...I'm just some random woman on the internet, albeit one that runs an awesome website) - maybe you'd like to go look for some books instead - here - here's a link so you can do that: click here

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