The Mimes of the Courtesans

The Mimes of the Courtesans


The Mimes of the Courtesans By Lucian

Format: Global Grey illustrated edition

Pages (PDF): 66

Publication Date: 1928

Illustrations: Yes

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Pages (PDF): 66

Publication Date: This translation, 1928

Illustrations: Yes

About The Book: With several illustrations. Living at the height of the Roman Empire, Lucian wrote these short dialogues of working girls competing for clients, dishing gossip and candid tips of the trade, men trying to keep their girls’ attention with expensive gifts. It also portrays the dark side of the hetaera’s life: out-of-control parties, blowhard men, and putting up with rough treatment by clients. This translation was published during the 1920s. The identity of the translator is only known by the initials ‘A.L.H.’ on the Translator’s Foreword page.

Chapter List

Translator’s Foreword

The Education Of Corinna


The Pleasure Of Being Beaten

The Mistake

The Incantation

The Terror Of Marriage

The Lesbians

The Return Of The Soldier

The Little Flute Player

There Is A Time For Lying

At Night

A Poor Sailor’s Love

A Mother’s Advice


The Philosopher

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