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What I hope will eventually be a good selection of articles about either subjects to do with the books on the site, or just other stuff in general.

warped clock

The Teleportation Of Gil Perez

Gil Perez was a 16th century soldier and guard, who worked at the palace of the Governor General in Manila, Philippines. On October 26th, 1593, Gil Perez was doing his guard duties at the Governor’s palace in Manila. The more


Kary Mullis and the Talking Raccoon

I’ve always been fascinated by people’s experiences with the bizarre. Strange little things that happen, for which no explanation is ever offered, for which no rational explanation can actually be given, and after more

man being tortured by demons

A History of Experimentation: US Government style

If anyone still harbours the ludicrous idea that their governments actually care about them, then this list should put that delusion to rest. What follows is a list of experiments that were carried out by the more

happy man with drink

Accentuate The Positive, Eliminate The Negative

One of the most popular sections on Global Grey is the 'Self-Help' section. It's also the section I dip into the most when I get time to read. New Thought authors such as Florence Scovel Shinn, Thomas Troward, more

Arthur Conan Doyle

28 Facts about Arthur Conan Doyle

Read 28 fascinating facts about the creator of Sherlock Holmes, such as how he studied medicine and was a doctor aboard a whaling more

woman reading at desk

8 Things I've Learnt About Being Self-Employed

Every morning, I wake up at around 3.30am, come down, feed the cats, make a coffee and sit down at my computer. After sorting stuff out, flicking through the news (never a particularly good idea), and answering emails, more

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