Book: More Jataka Tales
Author: Ellen C. Babbitt

More Jataka Tales By Ellen C. Babbitt

Format: Global Grey free PDF, epub, Kindle ebook
Pages (PDF): 49
Publication Date: 1922

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More stories from the Jataka, the treasury of tales of Buddha's previous animal reincarnations. Tales include: The Girl Monkey And The String Of Pearls; The Three Fishes; The Tricky Wolf And The Rats; The Woodpecker, Turtle, And Deer; The Golden Goose; The Stupid Monkeys; The Cunning Wolf; The Penny-Wise Monkey; The Red-Bud Tree; The Woodpecker And The Lion; The Otters And The Wolf; How The Monkey Saved His Troop; The Hawks And Their Friends; The Brave Little Bowman; The Foolhardy Wolf; The Stolen Plow; The Lion In Bad Company; The Wise Goat And The Wolf; Prince Wicked And The Grateful Animals; Beauty And Brownie; and, The Elephant And The Dog.

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