Ioläus: An Anthology of Friendship

Edward Carpenter

Ioläus: An Anthology of Friendship, by Edward Carpenter - click to see full size image

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Ioläus: An Anthology of Friendship is a book by English writer Edward Carpenter, first published in 1906. It is a study of friendship (primarily male), which in this case is a thinly veiled codeword for 'homosexuality'. In earlier cultures, intense, even romantic emotional relationships between men were accepted by society. Paradoxically, these relationships were often in the context of cultures which disparaged same sex eroticism, but had no problem accepting these strong bonds between men. Carpenter, who was an early gay rights activist, explores these friendships in the early Pagan world, amongst the Greeks and the Romans, in early Christian and medieval times, and during the Renaissance.

This book has 39,398 words, 74 pages in the PDF version, and was originally published in 1906.

Production notes: This ebook of Ioläus: An Anthology of Friendship was published by Global Grey on the 25th July 2022. The artwork used for the cover is 'Self-portrait with his friend Giovanbattista Branconio dell'Aquila' by Raphael.

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