Pagan and Christian Creeds: Their Origin and Meaning

Edward Carpenter

Pagan and Christian Creeds: Their Origin and Meaning, by Edward Carpenter - click to see full size image

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This book provides a systematic and logical approach to the origins of religion. Many common themes are shown to exist between Christianity and earlier Pagan religions that go back in time centuries before Christianity itself. Carpenter makes an effort to get to the very roots of religion in this book. He's trying to uncover where our religious concepts first originated, and reveals an evolutionary sequence which starts with phallic and procreative cults as having the earliest known impact. Chapters include, Solar Myths And Christian Festivals, The Symbolism Of The Zodiac, Food And Vegetation Magic, Magicians, Kings And Gods, Pagan Initiations And The Second Birth, The Saviour-God And The Virgin-Mother, and, The Sex-Taboo.

This book has 243 pages in the PDF version, and was originally published in 1921.

Production notes: This ebook of Pagan and Christian Creeds: Their Origin and Meaning was published by Global Grey in 2018.

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