A Dweller on Two Planets

A Dweller on Two Planets


A Dweller on Two Planets By Frederick S. Oliver

Format: Global Grey illustrated edition

Pages (PDF): 393

Publication Date: 1894

Illustrations: Yes

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Pages (PDF): 393

Publication Date: 1894

Illustrations: Yes

About The Book: This book was 'channeled' by the author, who began writing it when he was just 18 years old. It describes Atlantis, the technology, the afterlife, and also goes into detail about things like anti-gravity, flying machines (which sound like UFO's), dark side energy and personalised heavens. Whilst this cannot be called a literary masterpiece, it is an interesting read and was the source material for a lot of new age belief systems.

Chapter List


Amanuensis' Preface



Chapter I. Atlantis, Queen Of The Wave

Chapter II. Caiphul

Chapter III. Faith Is Knowledge Also, And It Giveth To Removing Mountains

Chapter IV. "Axte Incal, Axtuce Mun"

Chapter V. Life In Caiphul

Chapter VI. No Good Thing Can Ever Perish

Chapter VII. Contain Thyself

Chapter VIII. A Grave Prophecy

Chapter IX. Curing Crime

Chapter X. Realization

Chapter XI. The Recital

Chapter XII. The Unexpected Happens

Chapter XIII. The Language Of The Soul

Chapter XIV. The Adoption Of Zailm

Chapter XV. A Maternal Desertion

Chapter XVI. The Voyage To Suern

Chapter XVII. Rai Ni Incal--Ashes To Ashes

Chapter XVIII. Le Grand Voyage

Chapter XIX. A Well-Met Problem

Chapter XX. Duplicity

Chapter XXI. The Mistake Of A Life

Chapter XXII. Zailm Proposes

Chapter XXIII. A Witness Before The Criminal

Chapter XXIV. Devachan

Seven Shasta Scenes. Interlude


Chapter I

Chapter II. A Soul In Peril

Chapter III. Take Therefore No Thought For The Morrow

Chapter IV. Paying Life's Rewards

Chapter V. Human Life On Venus

Chapter VI. An Indirect Answer

Chapter VII. "The Desert Is Before Thy Feet"

Chapter VIII. Old Teachers Taught Of God

Chapter IX. They Who Heed Have Peace

Chapter X. After The Years, Return

Chapter XI. Text: St. Matthew Iv


Chapter I. Ye Shall Reap As Ye Have Sown. The Perception

Chapter II. Job XXXVIII:7

Chapter III. "Fair Forms And Hoary Seers Of Ages Put, An In One Mighty Sepulcher."

Chapter IV. The Fall Of Atlantis

Chapter V. "Man's Inhumanity To Man"

Chapter VI. Why Atlantis Perished

Chapter VII. The Transfiguration

Note By The Author

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