American Indian Fairy Tales

Margaret Compton

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American Indian Fairy Tales is a book by Margaret Compton, first published in 1907. It is a collection of seventeen Native American folklore stories, retold for children and young adults. The stories are; The Story-Teller Himself; Snowbird And The Water-Tiger; The Coyote Or Prairie Wolf; How Mad Buffalo Fought The Thunder-Bird; The Red Swan; The Bended Rocks; White Hawk, The Lazy; The Magic Feather; The Star Maiden; The Fighting Hare; The Great Head; The Adventures Of Living Statue; Turtle-Dove, Sage-Cock, And The Witch; The Island Of Skeletons; Stone-Shirt And The One-Two; The Great Wizard; and, White Cloud's Visit To The Sun-Prince.

This book has 32,949 words, 60 pages in the PDF version, and was originally published in 1907.

Production notes: This ebook of American Indian Fairy Tales was published by Global Grey on the 7th May 2018, and updated on the 16th December 2022. The artwork used for the cover is 'A Hare in the Forest' by Hans Hoffmann.

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