Book: American Indian Fairy Tales
Author: Margaret Compton

American Indian Fairy Tales By Margaret Compton

Format: Global Grey free PDF, epub, Kindle ebook
Pages (PDF): 103
Publication Date: 1907

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Fully illustrated. This is a collection of Native American folklore, retold for children and young adults, over a century ago. Chapters include: The Story-Teller Himself; Snowbird And The Water-Tiger; The Coyote Or Prairie Wolf; How Mad Buffalo Fought The Thunder-Bird; The Red Swan; The Bended Rocks; White Hawk, The Lazy; The Magic Feather; The Star Maiden; The Fighting Hare; The Great Head; The Adventures Of Living Statue; Turtle-Dove, Sage-Cock, And The Witch; The Island Of Skeletons; Stone-Shirt And The One-Two; The Great Wizard; and, White Cloud's Visit To The Sun-Prince.

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