Book: The Quintessence of the Philosophers
Author: Theodorus Mundanus

The Quintessence of the Philosophers By Theodorus Mundanus

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Pages (PDF): 33
Publication Date: 1684

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Not much is known about Theodorus Mundanus, except for his mention by the diarist, John Evelyn. Evelyn was an acquaintance of W. Dickinson, to whom this short tract is addressed to, and upon visiting Dickinson, was informed that he had met Mundanus who claimed he was an adept in alchemy. Evelyn recorded the visit: 'I went to see Dr. Dickinson the famous chemist. We had a long conversation about the philosopher's elixir, which he believed attainable and had seen projection himself by one who went under the name of Mundanus, who sometimes came among the adepts, but was unknown as to his country or abode; of this the doctor has written a treatise in Latin, full of very astonishing relations.'

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