Hermetic and Alchemical Essays

Various Authors

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A collection of short essays on hermeticism and alchemy from people such as Basil Valentine, Roger Bacon, Edward Kelly, and Paracelsus. The essays are: Triumphal Chariot of Antimony; Golden Chain of Homer; Emerald Tablet of Hermes; Glory of the World; The Six Keys of Eudoxus; Freher's Process in the Philosophical Work; The Golden Tractate of Hermes Trismegistus; The Hermetic Arcanum; Hortulanus' Commentary on the Emerald Tablet; The Stone of the Philosophers; Mary the Prophetess; An Alchemical Mass; The Mirror of Alchemy; On the Philadelphian Gold; Tract on the Tincture and Oil of Antimony; Turba Philosophorum; Coelum philosophorum; The Book Concerning The Tincture Of The Philosophers; The Treasure of Treasures for Alchemists; The Aurora of the Philosophers; and, Alchemical Catechism.

This book has 387 pages in the PDF version. This edition was collated by me.

Production notes: This ebook of Hermetic and Alchemical Essays was published by Global Grey in 2020.

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