Book: The Crock of Gold
Author: James Stephens

The Crock of Gold By James Stephens

Format: Global Grey free PDF, epub, Kindle ebook
Pages (PDF): 160
Publication Date: 1912

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A mixture of philosophy, Irish folklore and the "battle of the sexes", The Crock of Gold consists of six books, Book 1 – The Coming of Pan, Book 2 – The Philosophers Journey, Book 3 – The Two Gods, Book 4 – The Philosophers Return, Book 5 – The Policemen, Book 6 – The Thin Woman's Journey, that all rotate around a philosopher and his quest to find the most beautiful woman in the world, Cáitilin Ni Murrachu, daughter of a remote mountain farm, and deliver her from the gods Pan and Aengus Óg, while himself going through a catharsis.