The Cosmic Computer

H. Beam Piper

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The Cosmic Computer is a book by American science fiction writer H. Beam Piper, first published in 1963 under the title 'Junkyard Planet'. Based on Piper's short story Graveyard of Dreams, this sci-fi story primarily takes place on the planet Poictesme, which was once a hub for military installations and activities during a previous war. However, after the war ended, Poictesme was left economically devastated, with abandoned military equipment and installations scattered across the planet. The protagonist, Conn Maxwell, returns to Poictesme from Earth with a rumor about the existence of Merlin, a mythical supercomputer with advanced capabilities. The legend of Merlin has persisted on Poictesme, with many believing it to possess the knowledge and power to revitalize the planet's economy. Conn and his father, along with other characters, embark on a quest to locate Merlin. They hope that finding and activating the cosmic computer will bring prosperity to Poictesme by unlocking its hidden military secrets and technology. Throughout the story, there are themes of economic revival, technological advancement, and the consequences of war. The novel explores how the pursuit of power and knowledge, represented by the search for Merlin, can both unite and divide individuals and societies.

№ 3 in the Federation series.

This book has 63,827 words, 121 pages in the PDF version, and was originally published in 1963.

Production notes: This ebook of The Cosmic Computer was published by Global Grey on the 9th March 2024. The artwork used for the cover is 'Points' by Wassily Kandinsky.

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