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Four-Day Planet By H. Beam Piper

Four-Day Planet

H. Beam Piper

Available as PDF, epub, and Kindle ebook downloads.
This book has 110 pages in the PDF version, and was originally published in 1961. The book is in the public domain because the copyright wasn't renewed on time.


Four-Day Planet is a science-fiction novel by H. Beam Piper, first published in 1961. It is the story of Fenriss, a planet with a 2000 hour rotation rate. That is, any given spot on the planet is in darkness for 1000 hours, and sunlit for another 1000. Against this background is the story of a pioneer colony, inhabiting the Four Day Planet so they can hunt 'sea monsters' to obtain the long chain hydrocarbon molecules in their blubber. The protagonist is a 17 year old boy reporter who is investigating the corrupt government of the planet.

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