Star Maker

Olaf Stapledon

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Star Maker is a book by British author Olaf Stapledon, first published in 1937. An English narrator is mysteriously freed from their body, gaining the ability to journey through space and explore various planets. They merge minds with beings across different civilizations, each encounter expanding the scope of the story. Along the way, they encounter diverse ideas, telepathic collectives, intelligent celestial bodies, and symbiotic species. Eventually, they reach a climax where the cosmic mind, including the narrator, connects momentarily with the Star Maker, the universe's creator. This encounter offers a glimpse into the vastness of multiple universes and the Star Maker's creative process. The story concludes with the narrator returning to Earth, having witnessed the Star Maker's role as the origin and pinnacle of existence. One of the most highly acclaimed novels in science fiction, with H. G. Wells and Virginia Woolf among the many famous admirers.

This book has 89,631 words, 145 pages in the PDF version, and was originally published in 1937.

Production notes: This ebook of Star Maker was published by Global Grey on the 29th December 2023. The artwork used for the cover is 'Newton' by William Blake.

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