Ancient Mysteries and Modern Masonry

C. H. Vail

Ancient Mysteries and Modern Masonry, by C. H. Vail - click to see full size image

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Ancient Mysteries and Modern Masonry is a book by American Universalist clergyman Charles H. Vail. First published in 1909, it consists of a series of lectures, first given in Pullman Memorial Church, Albion, New York. The purpose of these lectures was to consider the origin and nature of the ancient mysteries and to show the relation which they bear to modern day Freemasonry. The lectures include: The Origin And Object Of The Ancient Mysteries; The Egyptian, Hindu, And Persian Mysteries; The Druidical, Gothic, Grecian, And Jewish Mysteries; The Christian Mysteries; The Meaning Of True Initiation; The Origin And History Of Freemasonry; The Origin And History Of The Knights Templars And The Ancient And Accepted Scottish Rite; and, The Symbols And Legends Of Masonry.

This book has 53,809 words, 88 pages in the PDF version, and was originally published in 1909.

Production notes: This ebook of Ancient Mysteries and Modern Masonry was published by Global Grey in 2018, and updated on the 20th December 2022. The artwork used for the cover is 'A General Chapter of the Order of the Temple, gathered in the Commandery of the Temple of Paris' by François Marius Granet.

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