Book: Aboriginal Tribes of India and Pakistan
Author: Hawabai Mustafa Shah

Aboriginal Tribes of India and Pakistan By Hawabai Mustafa Shah

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Pages (PDF): 100
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Aboriginal Tribes Of India And Pakistan, The Bhils and Kolhis, covers all aspects of the lives of these tribes, including their religious festivals, family festivals, folk thoughts, social life, cosmology, customs and manners, Ancestry, History, Occupation, General Characteristics, and cultural identity. The Bhils belong to the so-called aboriginals of India. This is practically all that is known about their ancestry. There was a time when they were regarded as Dravidians, closely related to the Gonds. But this opinion has been discarded. The physiognomy and the nature ofthe Bhils and those of the Dravidians differ too much to allow us to place them in the same racial fold. The Bhils are more primitive, more original, simply children of nature. In this respect they differ considerably even from the least developed of the Dravidians, namely the Gonds, which are their neighbours.

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