Book: Your Forces and How to Use Them
Author: Christian D. Larson

Your Forces and How to Use Them By Christian D. Larson

Format: Global Grey free PDF, epub, Kindle ebook
Pages (PDF): 177
Publication Date: 1912

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From the Foreword: 'The purpose of the following pages will be to work out the subject chosen in the most thorough and practical manner; in brief, to analyze the whole nature of man, find all the forces in his possession, whether they be apparent or hidden, active or dormant, and to present methods through which all those forces can be applied in making the life of each individual richer, greater and better. To make every phase of this work as useful as possible to the greatest number possible, not a single statement will be made that all cannot understand, and not a single idea will be presented that any one cannot apply to every-day life.'