Wonder Tales From Baltic Wizards

Wonder Tales From Baltic Wizards


Wonder Tales From Baltic Wizards By Frances Jenkins Olcott

Format: Global Grey edition

Pages (PDF): 135

Publication Date: 1928

Illustrations: No

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Pages (PDF): 135

Publication Date: 1928

Illustrations: No

About The Book: A collection of tales from the Baltic states. Sections include: Lapland of Aurora Colors, Mossy Tundras, And Reindeer Herds; Finland of the Thousand Lakes, Lost Daughter of the Baltic Sea; Estonia, Wise and Free, Land of Wonder Legends; Latvia Of Feast Of Flowers, And, Courland, God's Own Little Country; and, Lithuania of the Fragrant Amber.

Chapter List


The Magic Drum Calls You!

From Lapland Of Aurora Colors White Silence Mossy Tundras And Hills Where Reindeer Feed

The Battle Of The Wizards

Kari Woodencoat

The Giant Who Did Not Like Bones

Naughty, Naughty Spider!

What Happened To Some Lapp Children

The Uldas' Old Mother

The Moon Daughter's Magic

The Red-Haired Wizard

From Finland Of The Thousand Lakes Lost Daughter Of The Baltic Sea

Magic Singing

The Living Kantele

The Hidden Maiden

The Rainbow Maiden

Forging Of The Magic Sampo

The Wizard With The Lolling Red Tongue

From Estonia The Wise And The Free Land Of Enchantment And Of Wonder Legends

The Singing Sword

The Maiden Of The Milky Way

The Luck Egg

Wood Of Tontla

The Magic Maiden

Golden Wonders

The Wizard With Yellow Eyeballs And Green Hair

From Latvia Of Feast Of Flowers And Courland God's Own Little Country

The Gold Axe


What Witches Tell

Little White Dog

The Duckling With Golden Feathers

The Wizard With Bushy Golden Head And Apple-Red Cheeks

From Lithuania Of The Fragrant Amber Coast

Luck, Luck In The Red Coat!

Poor Man And Never-Enough

Little White Horse

One Hundred Hares

Mannikin Long Beard

The Vanishment!


The Tiny History Of The Baltic Sea

The Tiny Dictionary Of Strange East Baltic Things

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