Book: Wisdom of the Ages
Author: George A. Fuller

Wisdom of the Ages By George A. Fuller

Format: Global Grey free PDF, epub, Kindle ebook
Pages (PDF): 106
Publication Date: 1916

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This book, a product of automatic writing, claims to be the revelation of Zertoulem, who lived long ago in a land called Tlaskanata. The preface and glossary state that Tlaskanata was in Middle America, 'thousands of years ago.'

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Zertoulem spake unto the multitude and said: Inasmuch as ye are led by the desire to gratify selfish propensities are ye excluded from the higher light which is the natural birthright of every soul.

Be ye seekers after the higher truths of the spirit, not content with the vain babblings of men who are puffed up with their own self-conceits.

He that overcomes the flesh, not by crucifixion and mortification, but by sublimation, that leadeth to the complete purification of this house in which spirit dwells, shall become a leader among men, and shall know all things in heaven and earth.

Knowledge is not always gained of books, for oft-times these are misleading and unsatisfactory. Spirit must speak to spirit, and soul must vibrate responsive to the inner harmonies of the universe of God.

He who seeks of the spirit shall find the royal road that leadeth to the great garner house where is stored the rich fruitage of the ages.

Be not deceived of men who occupy the chief seats in the synagogues and universities of the outer world, for these are puffed up with their own self-conceits.

They conceive of theories, then search the universe that they may find facts that seem to prove their verity.

They go no deeper than the outer husk of the external universe. Like children, they play with these cast-off shells. Out of these things are builded the sciences and religions of the world.

The teachings of the great masters have been misunderstood and misapplied. The world has been too engrossed with material things to read aright the lessons given.

Only the things of the spirit are permanent. All outward things are transitory and fleeting. Vain pomp and glory of the world without life, ye flaunt your gaudy rags before eyes whose spiritual vision is sealed. Ye have no dominion over him who is baptized of the spirit.

He rises glorified and exalted into the atmosphere of gods.

He reflects no light of sun or star, but glows and shines with the inexhaustible light of spirit.

He acknowledges no leadership, either of book car man, but follows the star of his own destiny.

To, him is given the broadest liberty, for the wings of his spirit, at last, have been unfettered, and now they cleave the ethers of infinite space.

The glory of the rapidly dying East, the wealth of El Dorados, flicker, fade and are lost in this newer glory and wealth of the spirit, exhaustless and undying.

I that speak unto ye am as deathless as the Unspeakable One. I assist at the birth of worlds and universes. I am my own star of destiny.

What I am ye also may become. Through the gateway of suffering and poverty ye must be led until the spirit asserts itself.

Know then your oneness with the Infinite, and claim the royal birthright that is thine inheritance.


When the faithful ones were gathered together Zertoulem appeared in their midst and said unto them: Let peace and love abide ever in your midst.

For without peace there can be no true spiritual growth. It is the foundation upon which all true life must rest. Discord and war are great shadows that shut out the light of Omn the Infinite.

My gospel is one of peace, although at first it might seem to bring discord into the world. For it shall separate families and break many of the ties that the world calls sacred. Peace cometh not by conforming to the outward usages of the world, but by seeking the way of the spirit that leadeth to a more perfect life.

Wealth and outward prosperity, the inordinate desire for gain, these bring neither peace nor love to the world. Instead they foster the spirit of unrest and develop in man the selfish propensities.

No man has ownership in material things. Houses, lands, books and other properties are loaned him for his use. Not even does he own the body he occupies. This is loaned him for a season, but when Omn calls the spirit hence, he needs must return the body to the great reservoir from whence at the bidding of His spirit it was called.

War is inevitable when man seizes more of this world's goods than he can utilize.

Peace comes when he takes that which he can use for his or other's good.

The earth is Omn's, and the fruits thereof are for the sustenance of his children.

There should be no private ownership in land, but a portion should be set apart by wise leaders sacred to the uses of each individual.

Remember, oh, my disciples, that ye are not of this world of selfish, discordant, sensual men, for ye have been called to the Higher Life, where peace reigns evermore.