Heaven and Earth

Gabrielle Henriet

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Puts forward the theory of a flat earth. Chapters include; On The Non Revolution Of The Earth Round The Sun And On The Existence Of A Summer And Of A Winter Cosmic Breath Stream; On The Fact That The Earth Does Not Rotate And On The Existence Of A Day And Of A Night Cosmic Breath Stream; On The Revolution Of The Planets Round The Earth And Not Round The Sun; On The Solid Dome Of The Sky; On The Immaterial Nature Of The Satellites Of The Earth; On The Action Of The Vault Of Heaven And On Cosmic Rays; On Defects Of Projection, Flying Discs And The Rainbow; On The Phases Of The Moon And Eclipses; On The Stars; On The Precession Of The Equinoctial Point; On The Formation And The Age Of The Earth; On The Function Of The Earth In The Universe And On Volcanic Eruptions And Earthquakes; and, Is The Earth The Heart Of A Gigantic Man-World?

This book has 57 pages in the PDF version.

Production notes: This ebook of Heaven and Earth was published by Global Grey in 2019.

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