Book: The Voice of Venus
Author: Ernest L. Norman

The Voice of Venus By Ernest L. Norman

Format: Global Grey free PDF, epub, Kindle ebook
Pages (PDF): 141
Publication Date: 1956 (copyright not renewed)

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To the planet Venus I bid you welcome for my people and for myself. I am known as an Avatar and I would show you some of our ways of life and some of the wonders of the spiritual realms. But first in order to understand what might better be called a plane, or a dimension, as it is sometimes referred to by the people of the earth; we may liken these things to something similar to a large soap bubble which is being blown by a child with the familiar bubble pipe and while the bubble is a thing of beauty and glows with iridescent colors, yet if we were to examine it under a powerful magnifying glass we would find it even more wonderful. For here are microscopic particles of water, each one rounded, and each one adheres to its neighbor by the law of adhesive relationship. And so likewise is the great cosmic universe about us and the many suns and planetary systems, each one adhering to the others through the laws of great universal magnetic structures or lines of force; and countless suns make one star cluster, which is known as a galaxy by your astronomers and each galaxy is but a pinpoint of light in the great Celestial Universe.

Yet there are universes beyond universes, each one occupying a relationship something similar to the tiny water droplet in the soap bubble. And like the soap bubble, which represents an adhesive mass of particles, supported by other adhesive particles called the atmosphere. So likewise are the countless universes which are strung out through what you call space. They are likewise supported and maintain their relationship with what is called the material plane by other supporting structures which can be called, for want of a better name, dimensions. If we look at the beam of a searchlight we will see that from the point of emergence from the lens as it progresses farther and farther away from its source it looses its brilliance and intensity. So likewise does your mind function.

If we visualize the energizing life force, which is the sustaining and motivating factor in all things about you, such sustaining force must be of such frequencies or intensities that are compatible with your perception. For perception is necessary in all stages of soul evolution, and while the many dimensions or planes extend on and on into infinity, to your mind this infinity is somewhat likened to the searchlight beam, and the farther your mind must travel, more correctly, to visualize such infinity. Such dimensions are not compatible with your present status of conception. These factors as they have been explained must be borne in mind before it is possible for the earthman to visualize such phenomena as flying saucers or space travel. Likewise it is extremely difficult for the earth scientist to conceive anything which is beyond his own realm or dimension and with such instrumentation as he has contrived to substantiate his limited perception.

It is one of the tasks of each individual, in making his soul evolution, that he must first set about to tear down such preconceived limited concepts. It has been said about many of the numerous scientists, as they call themselves, on the earth plane that they have contrived something of an understanding in their relationships with other dimensions. They have likewise numbered these dimensions such as the third, fourth, fifth, etc. Such a concept is like the child who picks up a handful of shiny pebbles and thinks that these are the only pebbles in the world. A dimension cannot be numbered, neither can it be called higher or lower than its neighbor, for a dimension is roughly an accumulation or spectrum of vibration which maintains a certain basic harmonic relationship.

It is one of the common fallacies of the earth man to believe that energy is destructive or that it is sinful. He must always remember that all energy has as its emanating force or fountainhead what is sometimes referred to as the Supreme Being in earth language, and while earth men may use or misuse energy in some destructive form yet it cannot remain destructive, for such is the way of energy from this Divine Fountainhead. Thus through the evolution of time must it ever be, and through the many lives of each individual that while the individual is misusing energy destructively, he is unwittingly learning its proper usage. So the end result becomes one in which the Supreme wisdom of the Fountainhead teaches all mankind, each in his own way, and so therefore can never become destructive.

In our own planetary system the earth astronomer has found through his telescopes various other heavenly orbs or bodies revolving in fixed orbits around our central sun.

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