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Greetings friends: This is indeed a most joyous and happy occasion, and so far as my own personal feelings are concerned, this joy is not some selfish joy in which I may be vindicated in my personal beliefs, or that I gain satisfaction in some such manner or form; but rather the joy I feel is for each and every one of you, for I know, as you are seeking further knowledge of Unarius you have taken at least one positive step forward in expressing a certain quotient in the dynamic expression of Infinite Creation.


This in itself, is most important, and something which you should always remember throughout the coming years and in the times when you are troubled or emotionally distressed; that always there must be a consciousness of this infinite expression which is working directly in a regenerative principle, to constantly re-create for you, the form and substance of your lives, and rather than to continuously indulge yourselves in past emotional reflex experiences born from out other worlds and other times, it is most imperative that you learn to recognize this Infinite Creation which is above and beyond the immediate horizon of these various reactionary and emotional experiences.

In other words, there is always a positive and creative motion involved even though it may apparently seem to you that such happenings or intents at the moment are destructive in nature. When this more positive and most necessary attunement and introspection begins to be attained, you will realize that there is infinitely much more in progressive evolution than you have heretofore imagined. Not only that, but you will actually begin a constructive evolution which will automatically, in itself, express into your outward or exterior life, the better quotients and qualities of life as they have, up until some point, only been dreamed of by yourself.

This point could perhaps be best illustrated by telling you a story, one which has possibly happened in innumerable cases and in varying situations. It concerns a small child who was being scolded by her father for being naughty; after the scolding, the child looked up at her father with innocent eyes and expression and asked this question: “Why can’t I be naughty, Daddy?” You can well imagine what the father thought at that particular moment and how his intelligence was taxed to come up with a suitable and direct answer to this very naive question. Perhaps he used the number one stock answer, which most fathers give to such questions: “Because God doesn’t want you to be naughty.”

Now, this is all well and good to a certain point, but it must be remembered that from that moment on, the child would pass through life with more or less of a subconscious sense of fear that some god was looking over her shoulder at every moment in her life. In this respect we can easily visualize adults as grown-up children, and they have passed through their lives in a sense, feeling subconsciously or consciously, that some god or some deification has, in a mysterious way, been looking at their various actions.

Under pretense of moral codes or ethics, we can say that such constructive motivations which may arise in the daily intercourse of human beings among themselves, must, primarily be spurred and motivated or instigated by such thoughts and actions, or such visualizations as can be considered creative in nature. In the personal interpretation of thought into action, some element or quotient of this Infinite Creative Principle is expressed, rather than doing something simply because it was necessary, or it was expected of us - or that in some way we were being intimidated by an unseen deification.

It is at this point, when we evolve into that state of consciousness in which we are beginning to express in our daily thoughts and actions a certain creative quotient of the ever-regenerating Infinite expression, that our lives begin to change. This consciousness will, in itself, supplant and replace the old reactionary elements which we have heretofore been practicing and by which we have been victimized in the past.

To further enlarge our introspection, let us see that humanity as a whole, has been living, not only the immediate or physical life as it so appears, but individually every person has lived many hundreds of lives and passed through the same temporal experiences and these things in themselves have only assumed new forms, new derivations, and new expressions; but basically all remained, categorically speaking, in the realm of the emotional reflex. There was not at any time a direct consciousness or a connotation to a higher and heretofore unknown principle of life.

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