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Thirty Years Among the Dead By Carl Wickland

Thirty Years Among the Dead

Carl Wickland

Available in PDF, epub, and Kindle ebook, or read online. This book has 597 pages in the PDF version, and was originally published in 1924.


Carl Wickland was a Psychiatrist who turned away from conventional medicine and towards the belief that mental illnesses were the result of influence from the spirit world. He was convinced he was in contact with a group of spirits (Mercy Band) who would help him guide spirits away from the 'possessed' people and into the spirit world. This book details his conversations with these spirits, with his wife, Anna, acting as medium. Chapters include: Inter-Relationship of the Two Worlds; Psychical Research; Subconscious Mind And Auto-Suggestion Hypotheses Untenable; Earth Sphere Conditions And The Magnetic Aura; Tormenting Spirits. Marriage Disturbances; Spirits And Crime; Spirits And Suicide; Spirits And Narcotics, Inebriety, Amnesia; Psychic Invalidism; Orphans; Materialism And Indifference; Selfishness; Orthodoxy; Christian Science; Theosophy; Philosophy; and, Conclusion.

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