Book: Tales of Folk and Fairies
Author: Katharine Pyle

Tales of Folk and Fairies By Katharine Pyle

Format: Global Grey free PDF, epub, Kindle ebook
Pages (PDF): 151
Publication Date: 1929

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A collection of 14 fairy tales from around the world, including, The Meester Stoorworm. A Story From Scotland; Jean Malin And The Bull-Man. A Louisiana Tale; The Widow's Son. A Scandinavian Tale; The Wise Girl. A Serbian Story; The History Of Ali Cogia. From The Arabian Nights; Oh! A Cossack Story; The Talking Eggs. A Story From Louisiana; The Frog Princess. A Russian Story; The Magic Turban, The Magic Sword And The Magic Carpet. A Persian Story; The Three Silver Citrons. A Persian Story; The Magic Pipe. A Norse Tale; The Triumph Of Truth. A Hindu Story; Life's Secret. A Story Of Bengal; and, Dame Pridgett And The Fairies.