Book: Heroic Romances of Ireland, Complete
Author: A. H. Leahy

Heroic Romances of Ireland, Complete By A. H. Leahy

Format: Global Grey free PDF
Pages (PDF): 243
Publication Date: 1905 - 1906

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This contains both Volumes. Includes; the Courtship of Etain; the Boar of Mac Datho; the Sick-bed of Cuchulain; the Death of the Sons of Usnach; the Combat at the Ford; and, the five 'Tains' or Cattle-Forays of Fraech (Tain bo Fraich), Dartaid (The Raid for Dartaid's Cattle), Regamon (The Raid for the Cattle of Regamon), Flidais (The Driving of the Cattle of Flidais), and Regamna (The Apparition of The Great Queen to Cuchulain).