Stories of Old Greece and Rome

Emilie K. Baker

Stories of Old Greece and Rome, by Emilie K. Baker - click to see full size image

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First published in 1913. Chapters include: The Story of Pandora; The Deluge; Minerva; Apollo and King Admetus; Apollo the Musician; The Love of Apollo; Diana; The Story of Endymion; The Story of Cupid and Psyche; The Story of Orpheus and Eurydice; Mars and Vulcan; Pluto and the Underworld; The Story of Proserpina; Neptune and the Sea-Gods; Bacchus; Pan and the Nymphs; The Apple of Discord; and many more.

This book has 233 pages in the PDF version, and was originally published in 1913.

Production notes: This ebook of Stories of Old Greece and Rome was published by Global Grey in 2020.

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