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The Revolution of the Dialectic

Samael Aun Weor

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The Revolution of the Dialectic, Practical Methods for Intense Spiritual Transformation, is a book that gives details about how we can resist the evils of this world and turn to higher goals.

This book has 181 pages in the PDF version.

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Excerpt from 'The Revolution of the Dialectic'

The best didactic for the dissolution of the ‘I’ is found in practical life intensely lived.

Interrelationship is a marvelous mirror in which the ‘I’ can be contemplated at full length.

In relationship with our fellowmen, the defects that are hidden in the subconscious depths flourish spontaneously, they leap out, because the subconscious betrays us and if we are in a state of alert perception, then, we see them just as they are in themselves. For the Gnostic, the best joy is to celebrate the discovery of one of his defects. Discovered defect, dead defect. When we discover a defect, we should see it in the scene like someone who is watching a movie, but without justify or condemning.

It is not enough to comprehend the psychological defect intellectually, it is necessary to submerge ourselves into profound inner meditation to catch the defect in the levels of the mind.

The mind has many levels and profundities and as long as we have not comprehended a defect in all the levels of the mind, we will have done nothing and the latter will continue existing like a tempting demon in the depth of our own subconscious.

When a defect is integrally comprehended in all the levels of the mind, then the defect disintegrates, upon disintegrating and reducing to cosmic dust the I which characterizes it.

This is how we keep on dying from instant to instant. This is how we keep establishing in ourselves a permanent center of consciousness, a center of permanent gravity.

Within every human being who is not in the final state of degeneration, exists the Buddhata, the interior Buddhist Principle, the psychic material or ‘materia prima’ to fabricate that which is called Soul.

The pluralized I foolishly spends said psychic material in absurd atomic explosions of envy, covetousness, hatred, jealousies, fornications, attachments, vanity, etc.

As the Pluralized I dies from instant to instant, the psychic material accumulates within us becoming a permanent center of consciousness.

This is how we individualize ourselves little by little. By disegotizing ourselves we individualize ourselves. However, we clarify that individuality is not everything with the event of Bethlehem we should move on to super-individuality.

The work of the dissolution of the ‘I’ is something very serious. We need to study ourselves, profoundly, in all the levels of the mind. The ‘I’ is a book of many chapters.

We need to study our dialectic, thoughts, emotions, actions from instant to instant, without justifying or condemning. We need to integrally comprehend in all the profundities of the mind, each and every one of our defects.

The pluralized ‘I’ is the subconscious. When we dissolve the ‘I’, the subconscious becomes consciousness.

We need to convert the subconscious into consciousness and that is only possible by achieving the annihilation of the ‘I’.

When the consciousness moves on to occupy the place of the subconscious, we acquire that which is called continuous consciousness.

The one who enjoys continuous consciousness lives consciously at every instant, not only in the physical world but also in the superior worlds.

The present humanity is ninety-seven percent subconscious and that is why it sleeps profoundly not only in the physical world, but also in the suprasensible worlds during the sleep of the physical body and after death.

We need the death of the ‘I’, we need to die from instant to instant, here and now, not only in the physical world, but also in all the planes of the Cosmic Mind.

We should be merciless towards ourselves and carry out the dissection of the ‘I’ with the great scalpel of self-criticism.


A great master said: “Seek enlightenment for all else will be added on to you.”

Enlightenment’s worst enemy is the ‘I’. It is necessary to know that the ‘I’ is a knot in the flow of existence, a fatal obstruction in the flow of life free in its movement.

A master was asked: “Which is the way?”

“What a magnificent mountain!”, he said referring to the mountain where he had his haven.

“I do not ask you about the mountain, instead I ask you about the path.” “As long as you cannot go beyond the mountain, you will not be able to find the way,” answered the master. ”

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