Book: Spiritual Diary
Author: Emanuel Swedenborg

Spiritual Diary By Emanuel Swedenborg

Format: Global Grey free PDF, epub, Kindle ebook
Pages (PDF): 1,818
Publication Date: Originally written between 1747-65, this translation by George Bush, John H. Smithson, and, James F. Buss, 1883-1889

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The Spiritual Diary of Emanuel Swedenborg is a five volume work containing the private account of Emanuel Swedenborg's spiritual experiences in heaven and hell, which he experienced in full waking visions over a 27 year period. The Diary contains a chronological account of what he saw and experienced, his dialogue with angelic beings, and discussions concerning the theology of true Christianity.
Note: there is no public domain translation of the first volume of this work. So the text presented here begins with the second volume.