Book: The Orange Fairy Book
Author: Andrew Lang

The Orange Fairy Book By Andrew Lang

Format: Global Grey free PDF, epub, Kindle ebook
Pages (PDF): 275
Publication Date: 1906

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Stories include: The Story Of The Hero Makoma From The Senna; The Magic Mirror From The Senna; Story Of The King Who Would See Paradise; How Isuro The Rabbit Tricked Gudu; Ian, The Soldier's Son; The Fox And The Wolf; How Ian Direach Got The Blue Falcon; The Ugly Duckling; The Two Caskets; The Goldsmith's Fortune; The Enchanted Wreath; The Foolish Weaver; The Clever Cat; The Story Of Manus; Pinkel The Thief; The Adventures Of A Jackal; The Three Treasures Of The Giants; The Rover Of The Plain; The White Slipper; The Magic Book, and many more.