Book: Oracles of Nostradamus
Author: Charles A. Ward

Oracles of Nostradamus By Charles A. Ward

Format: Global Grey free PDF, epub, Kindle ebook
Pages (PDF): 280
Publication Date: 1891

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Written by one of the best known 'Nostradamians'. Ward is an emphatic believer in the accuracy of the predictions, and he makes some key points for any prospective interpreter of Nostradamus. One which comes up again and again is that it is almost impossible to use Nostradamus to actually predict events. The predictions usually only make sense in hindsight. What distinguishes Nostradamus is the accuracy of his 'hits' when viewed in the rear view mirror. In particular, Wards' exposition of Nostradamus' presages of specific events of the French revolution is one of the strongest portions of the book. If you're looking for just the Prophecies with no commentary, go here.