Nostradamus, The Man Who Saw Through Time

Lee McCann

Nostradamus, The Man Who Saw Through Time, by Lee McCann - click to see full size image

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Published in the early days of World War II, this is partially a biography of Nostradamus, partially a historical novelization of incidents in his life, and an attempt to associate his predictions with historical and future events. McCann is at his best in the former parts of the book. He immerses us in the life and times of Nostradamus. Although many of the episodes are fictionalized, they make pleasant reading and appear to be historically accurate. The attempts to match Notradamus' predictions with historical events of the rennaissance are for the most part very well reasoned. The book concludes with a rather long section bearing on events of the twentieth century.

This book has 273 pages in the PDF version, and was originally published in 1941.

Production notes: This ebook of Nostradamus, The Man Who Saw Through Time was published by Global Grey in 2018.

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