My Secret Life, Complete, Volumes 1-11


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This is the complete eleven volumes of My Secret Life, the memoir of a gentleman known only as 'Walter'. It was first published around 1888 and details very explicitly the author's sexual encounters throughout his life. Despite the fact the text is rather repetitive and disorganised, it is recognised as a valuable document in regard to the information it gives about Victorian London, especially on Victorian houses of prostitution.

The best guess as to who the author actually is, is Henry Spencer Ashbee, a book collector, writer, and bibliographer who was an expert on erotic books in his day.

A New York publisher was arrested in 1932 for printing the first three volumes, and in 1969, a British printer as sent to prison for two years for reprinting it.

This book has 1,450 pages in the PDF version, and was originally published in 1888.

Production notes: This ebook of My Secret Life, Complete, Volumes 1-11 was published by Global Grey on the 20th October 2021. The artwork used for the cover is 'Self-portrait' by Willard Metcalf.

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