Human Animals

Frank Hamel

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Human Animals is a book that contains records and accounts of traditions dealing with the belief that certain men and women can transform themselves into animals. The causes of transformation are various: contact with a wer-animal, touching what a wer-animal has touched, wearing an animal skin, rubbing the body with ointment, slipping on a girdle, buckling on a strap, and many other expedients, magical and otherwise, that may bring about the metamorphosis. Chapters include: Transformation; The Bush-Soul; Human Souls in Animal Bodies; Animal Dances; Man-Animal and Animal-Man; Scapegoat and Saint; The Wer-Wolf Trials; The Wer-Wolf in Myth and Legend; Lion- and Tiger-Men; Wer-Fox and Wer-Vixen; Witches; Familiars; Transformation in Folk-lore and Fairy-tale; Fabulous Animals and Monsters; Human Serpents; Cat and Cock Phantoms; Bird-Women; Family Animals; Animal Ghosts; The Phantasmal Double; Animal Elementals; and, Animal Spirits in Ceremonial Magic.

This book has 97,516 words, and 161 pages in the PDF version.

Production notes: This ebook of Human Animals was published by Global Grey on the 19th March 2021, and updated on the 5th August 2023. The artwork used for the cover is 'The Swan Maidens' by Walter Crane.

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