Human, All Too Human

Friedrich Nietzsche

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Human, All Too Human by German philosopher Friedrich Nietzsche was first published in 1878. It is a collection of aphorisms, ranging in length from a few words to a few pages. A second (Miscellaneous Maxims And Opinions) and a third part (The Wanderer And His Shadow) were published over the next couple of years and were first published as a three volume set. This was changed to a 2 volume edition in 1886. This edition includes all three parts. The first book is split into nine sections: Of First and Last Things (dealing with the subject of metaphysics); On the History of Moral Feelings (discusses and challenges the idea of Christian good and evil); From the Soul of Artists and Writers (where Nietzsche dismisses the concept of divine inspiration); Signs of Higher and Lower Culture (in which he criticises Charles Darwin and the survival of the fittest theory); Man in Society and Women and Child (discusses the nature of men, women, and children); Man Alone with Himself (a collection of mostly short aphorisms).

Like most of his books, Human, All Too Human didn't sell well during Nietzsche's lifetime - only selling 120 copies when it was first printed.

Another fact about the book is how it was taken on board by an archivist and Hitler supporter called Max Oehler, who saw it as evidence of Nietzsche's support for anti-Semitism, which Nietzsche actually wrote against in other works such as Thus Spoke Zarathustra and The Antichrist.

This book has 330 pages in the PDF version. The translation of the first part by Helen Zimmern was first published in 1914. The translation of the second part by Paul V. Cohn was first published in 1913.

Production notes: This edition of Human, All Too Human was published by Global Grey ebooks on the 29th June 2021. The artwork used for the cover is 'The Thinker: Portrait of Louis N. Kenton' by Thomas Eakins.

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