Human, All Too Human

Friedrich Nietzsche

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Human, All Too Human by German philosopher Friedrich Nietzsche was first published in 1878. The book is a collection of Nietzsche's aphorisms and reflections on topics such as morality, religion, science, culture, and the nature of the human being. In the book, he argues that traditional morality and religion are based on the idea that human beings are fundamentally flawed and in need of salvation, and that this view is fundamentally at odds with the truth of human nature. Instead, Nietzsche argues that human beings are inherently creative and capable of self-overcoming. He emphasizes the importance of the individual and the individual's quest for self-actualization, and he encourages people to reject traditional values and to create their own values based on their own experiences and perspectives. It is considered by many to be the beginning of Nietzsche's 'mature' period and is considered by some as an important work in the history of existentialism.

This book has 177,962 words, 308 pages in the PDF version, and was originally published in 1878. The translation of the first part by Helen Zimmern was first published in 1914. The translation of the second part by Paul V. Cohn was first published in 1913.

Production notes: This edition of Human, All Too Human was published by Global Grey on the 29th June 2021, and updated on the 26th January 2023. The artwork used for the cover is 'The Thinker: Portrait of Louis N. Kenton' by Thomas Eakins.

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