Short Stories

Herman Melville

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In this collection of short stories and novellas by American author Herman Melville, readers will be taken on a journey through a wide variety of subjects, including the Galápagos Islands, a rooster (in a tale that satirises Transcendentalist philosophy), a table that's haunted, and, the unforgettable Bartleby, the Scrivener, whose tale is now considered one of the greatest English short stories of all time. This edition brings together Melville's short stories, presented in the order in which they were originally published. Although Melville had initially been well received for his earlier novels, his popularity had declined by the time he penned these works, and it wasn't until the early twentieth century that his short stories and other works started to receive more recognition. While Melville's work is still celebrated today, it's worth noting that some of his earlier works, such as 'Benito Cereno', display racism towards African slaves that may shock modern readers, as our understanding of their story has grown since the mid-nineteenth century when such attitudes were more common.

This book has 133,439 words, and 222 pages in the PDF version.

Production notes: This ebook of Short Stories was published by Global Grey on the 2nd March 2023. The artwork used for the cover is 'Portrait of Herman Melville' by Joseph Oriel Eaton.

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