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Free ebooks by George Robert Stowe Mead

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George Robert Stowe Mead

George Robert Stowe Mead (22 March 1863 – 28 September 1933) was an English historian, writer, editor, translator, and an influential member of the Theosophical Society. (Wikipedia)

A Mithriac Ritual Apollonius Of Tyana The Chaldaean Oracles Volume 1 The Chaldaean Oracles Volume 2 The Corpus Hermeticum Gnostic John the Baptizer The Doctrine of the Subtle Body in Western Tradition Fragments of a Faith Forgotten The Gnosis of the Mind The Hymns of Hermes Pistis Sophia The Gnostic Crucifixion Thrice Greatest Hermes Volume I Thrice Greatest Hermes Volume II Thrice Greatest Hermes Volume III

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