Alexander’s Bridge

Willa Cather

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Alexander's Bridge is the first novel by American author Willa Cather, and was first published in 1912. The book is the story of Bartley Alexander, a construction engineer who finds himself going through a mid-life crisis. Caught between his marriage and his love affair with a woman in London, he struggles internally to find a balance that will settle his integrity. In London, he is able to be youthful and carefree, but in America, he gets his satisfaction from his professional and social success. As his personal drama goes on, there is also the story of his current engineering project - the longest cantilevered bridge ever to be built. As Alexander makes his way to the construction site in, the symbolic connection between the real bridge and the events happening in his life reach their tragic climax.

This book has 28,715 words, 55 pages in the PDF version, and was originally published in 1912.

Production notes: This ebook of Alexander’s Bridge was published by Global Grey on the 22nd April 2019, and updated on the 7th December 2022. The artwork used for the cover is 'Bridge over the Rhine in Cologne' by Ernst Ludwig Kirchner.

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