Aesthetical Essays

Friedrich Schiller

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Aesthetical Essays is a collection of essays by German poet and philosopher, Friedrich Schiller. Chapters include: Letters On The Aesthetical Education Of Man; The Moral Utility Of Aesthetic Manners; On The Sublime; The Pathetic; On Grace And Dignity; On Dignity; Limitations In The Use Of Beauty Of Form; The Vulgar And Low Elements In Works Of Art; Reflections On Different Questions Of Aesthetics; On Simple And Sentimental Poetry; Sentimental Poetry; Satirical Poetry; Elegiac Poetry; Idyl; The Stage As A Moral Institution; On The Tragic Art; and, The Pleasure We Derive From Tragic Objects.

Part of the Harvard Classics set.

This book has 145,674 words, and 207 pages in the PDF version.

Production notes: This ebook of Aesthetical Essays was published by Global Grey on the 3rd May 2018, and updated on the 24th November 2022. The artwork used for the cover is 'Friedrich Schiller' by Gerhard von Kügelgen.

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