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West Irish Folk-Tales and Romances

William Larminie

West Irish Folk-Tales and Romances, by William Larminie - click to see full size image

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West Irish Folk-Tales and Romances is a book by Irish poet and folklorist William Larminie, first published in 1893. It is a collection of eighteen Irish folktales which have been passed on orally over the centuries and which often have connections with folktales from other parts of the world as well. In his introduction, the author briefly mentions these comparisons. Folktales include: The Gloss Gavlen; Morraha; The Ghost and His Wives; The Story of Bioultach; King Mananaun; The Champion of the Red Belt; Jack; The Servant of Poverty; Simon and Margaret; The Son of the King of Prussia; Beauty of the World; Grig; The Little Girl who got the better of the Gentleman; Gilla of the Enchantments; The Woman who went to Hell; The King who had Twelve Sons; The Red Pony; and, The Nine-Legged Steed.

This book has 123 pages in the PDF version, and was originally published in 1893.

Production notes: This e-book of West Irish Folk-Tales and Romances was published by Global Grey on the 25th November 2021. The artwork used for the cover is 'Landscape near Killarney' by Bartholomew Colles Watkins.

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