The Texts of Taoism, Part 2

James Legge

The Texts of Taoism, Part 2, by James Legge - click to see full size image

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This is volume 40 in the Sacred Books of the East series, and is Part 2 of the Texts of Taoism. This volume includes The Writings of Kwang-dze (Chuang-tse) (Books XVIII-XXXIII), The Thâi-Shang Tractate of Actions and Their Retributions, and Appendixes. Sections include: Kih Lo, Or 'Perfect Enjoyment'; Tâ Shäng, Or 'The Full Understanding Of Life'; Shan Mû, Or 'The Tree On The Mountain'; Thien Dze-Fang; Kih Pei Yû, Or 'Knowledge Rambling In The North'; Käng-Sang Khû; Hsü Wû-Kwei; Zeh-Yang; Wâi Wû, Or 'What Comes From Without'; Yü Yen, Or 'Metaphorical Language'; Zang Wang, Or 'Kings Who Have Wished To Resign The Throne'; Tâo Kih, Or 'The Robber Kih'; Yüeh Kien, Or 'Delight In The Sword-Fight', and many more.

This book has 162 pages in the PDF version, and was originally published in 1891.

Production notes: This ebook of The Texts of Taoism, Part 2 was published by Global Grey ebooks on the 19th January 2021. The artwork used for the cover is 'Portrait of Qianlong Emperor As a Young Man'.

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