The Tarjuman al-Ashwaq

Ibn al-Arabi

The Tarjuman al-Ashwaq, by Ibn al-Arabi - click to see full size image

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One of the most prolific of the medieval Sufi writers, al-Arabi wrote over 150 books. Unfortunately, very little of this output was translated, up to the early 20th century. This is Reynold Nicholson's translation of the Tarjuman al-Ashwaq, or the 'Interpreter of Desires,' the first edition of which was completed in 611 A.H. (1215 A.D.). This text is of great interest, aside from its literary merits as delightful Sufi love poetry, because the author supplied extensive commentary for each poem. Note: The original book contains the original Arabic text following the introduction. That part of the book has been omitted for technical reasons. Short passages in Arabic in the body of the have been substituted with ###.

This book has 149 pages in the PDF version. This translation by Reynold A. Nicholson was originally published in 1911.

Production notes: This ebook of The Tarjuman al-Ashwaq was published by Global Grey in 2018.

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