Tales of the Enchanted Islands of the Atlantic

Thomas Wentworth Higginson

Tales of the Enchanted Islands of the Atlantic, by Thomas Wentworth Higginson - click to see full size image

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Tales of the Enchanted Islands of the Atlantic is a book by Thomas Wentworth Higginson, first published in 1898. It consists of twenty tales and legends about voyages and discoveries, and travellers such as Irish monks, Spaniards, French explorers, and Vikings. The tales in the book are: The Story of Atlantis; Taliessin of the Radiant Brow; The Swan-Children of Lir; Usheen in the Island of Youth; Bran the Blessed; The Castle of the Active Door; Merlin the Enchanter; Sir Lancelot of the Lake; The Half-Man; King Arthur at Avalon; Maelduin's Voyage; The Voyage of St. Brandan; Kirwan's Search For Hy-Brasail; The Isle of Satan's Hand; Antillia, the Island of the Seven Cities; Harald The Viking; The Search For Norumbega; The Guardians of the St. Lawrence; The Island of Demons; and, Bimini and the Fountain of Youth.

This book has 50,779 words, 94 pages in the PDF version, and was originally published in 1898.

Production notes: This ebook of Tales of the Enchanted Islands of the Atlantic was published by Global Grey on the 30th January 2022. The artwork used for the cover is 'Vikings Heading for Land' by Frank Dicksee.

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