The Subjection of Women

John Stuart Mill

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The Subjection of Women is the title of an essay written by John Stuart Mill in 1869, possibly jointly with his wife Harriet Taylor Mill. The essay presented a compelling argument advocating for gender equality. During that era, it challenged the conventional norms in Europe regarding the roles and status of men and women. Mill firmly believed that the progress of humanity, both morally and intellectually, would lead to greater overall happiness. He emphasized the importance of individuals being able to defend their own rights and develop self-reliance, regardless of gender. Mill's argument applied to both men and women, recognizing the need for societal change. Aware of the prevailing views of his time, Mill acknowledged that he would face persistent opposition when expressing his ideas. He argued that the subjugation of women was a remnant of a bygone era when 'might was right', asserting that it had no place in the modern world. Mill recognized that excluding half of the human population from active participation in society, confined solely to domestic roles, hindered progress and development. Notably, he utilized his position as a member of Parliament to advocate for women's suffrage, a stance that generated significant controversy at the time.

This book has 44,015 words, 59 pages in the PDF version, and was originally published in 1869.

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