Book: Divine Love
Author: Emanuel Swedenborg

Divine Love By Emanuel Swedenborg

Format: Global Grey free PDF, epub, Kindle ebook
Pages (PDF): 41
Publication Date: 1762. This translation by John Whitehead, 1914

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Subjects include: In The World It Is Little Comprehended What Love Is; And Yet It Is Man's Very Life; The Lord Alone Is Love Itself, Because Life Itself; While Men And Angels Are Only Recipients; Life, Which Is The Divine Love, Is In A Form; That Form Is A Form Of Use In Its Whole Complex; In Such A Form Is Man Individually; In Such A Form Is Man In General; In Such A Form Is Heaven; All Things Of The World Also Tend To Such A Form; There Are As Many Affections As There Are Uses; There Are Genera And Species Of Affections, And Varieties Of Species To Infinity; So Of Uses, and more.