Book: A Smile of Fortune
Author: Joseph Conrad

A Smile of Fortune By Joseph Conrad

Format: Global Grey free PDF, epub, Kindle ebook
Pages (PDF): 75
Publication Date: 1911

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A Smile of Fortune features a young sea captain who is confronted by a puzzling ethical dilemma. The first person narrator is a confirmed bachelor given to a philosophic approach to life. Arriving at an island in the Indian Ocean, he is given an invitation by his ship's owners to do trade with a local merchant. The merchant turns out to have a brother, and the two of them have diametrically opposed characters: one is socially well respected, but is a brute; the other is a social outcast who wishes to ingratiate himself with the unnamed narrator. For reasons he himself cannot fully understand, the captain opts for the outcast and allows himself to be drawn into his domestic life whilst waiting for his ship to be made ready.