Book: The Secret Science Behind Miracles
Author: Max Freedom Long

The Secret Science Behind Miracles By Max Freedom Long

Format: Global Grey free PDF, epub, Kindle ebook
Pages (PDF): 294
Publication Date: 1948

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Max Freedom Long was a preeminent western scholar on the Huna, the psychological philosophies of the ancient polynesian culture that incorporated 'miraculous' events such as hands on healing, fire/hot lava walking, spirit communication and management, and psychic occurances. This text is a compilation of his case studies and field work. Chapters include The Practical Use Of The Magic Of The Miracle, How The Kahunas Controlled Winds, Weather And The Sharks By Magic, The High Self And The Healing In Psychic Science, The Significance Of Seeing Into The Future In The Psychometric Phenomena And In Dreams, The Incredible Force Used In Magic, Where It Comes From, And Some Of Its Uses, and, Fire-Walking As An Introduction To Magic.