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Rhymes of a Rolling Stone

Robert W. Service

Available as PDF, epub, and Kindle ebook.

Tags: Poetry

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Rhymes of a Rolling Stone is a 1912 book of poetry by Robert W. Service. Poems in the book include: A Rolling Stone; The Soldier of Fortune; The Gramaphone at Fond-Du-Lac; The Land of Beyond; Athabaska Dick; The Nostomaniac; The Blind and the Dead; The Headliner and the Breadliner; The Mountain and the Lake; Dreams Are Best; Death in the Arctic; While the Bannock Bakes, and many more.

This book has 159 pages in the PDF version, and was originally published in 1912.

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Excerpt from 'Rhymes of a Rolling Stone'

 I sing no idle songs of dalliance days,

 No dreams Elysian inspire my rhyming;

 I have no Celia to enchant my lays,

 No pipes of Pan have set my heart to chiming.

 I am no wordsmith dripping gems divine

 Into the golden chalice of a sonnet;

 If love songs witch you, close this book of mine,

  Waste no time on it.


 Yet bring I to my work an eager joy,

 A lusty love of life and all things human;

 Still in me leaps the wonder of the boy,

 A pride in man, a deathless faith in woman.

 Still red blood calls, still rings the valiant fray;

 Adventure beacons through the summer gloaming:

 Oh long and long and long will be the day

  Ere I come homing!

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